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At The Urban Doll Beauty, enhancing your natural beauty is the priority. Since starting out in 2012, the focus has been to match each client up with the right combination of beauty products and services to help them look and feel their best.

From using responsible brands and continued research, TUDB is always on the lookout for new opportunities as well as the latest beauty trends (in lash extension, brow artistry and more) in the market that fit the needs of you, the client. The time has come to turn that inner beauty inside out - what are you waiting for?



Beautiful Living

The Urban Doll Beauty helps you save time in your daily beauty routine, with lash extensions and permanent eyebrow makeup , allowing for more beauty rest in for your morning! 


All You Need

Effortless is our aesthetic, I believe in enhancing your natural beauty and am here for all you beauty needs, be it makeup for your special event, waxing, lash extensions or permanent makeup, we are here for you!

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